Choose Only Love

Love is calling you now

Choose Only Love

Know yourself as the love you are

Choose Only Love

A call to express the beauty of your heart

Invisible realms of Angels became visible to Sebastián Blaksley in an extraordinary series of 144 visitations overseen by Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. They asked him to take down their messages, including messages from Jesus and Mother Mary. Choose Only Love is the result.

Hearing this truth, like hearing a song once loved but forgotten, rekindles a relationship with your true self that is direct, personal, and magnificent.  

Choose Only Love ushers in a conscious return to your First Love. This first of seven volumes of Choose Only Love sounds an echo of holiness in the heart. The beloved is calling. Upon hearing that echo, your soul recognizes the voice. It is a call to be in a divine embrace.

Your soul begins to remember more vividly the voice of love, a call to return to a direct relationship with God. The soul will persist until union has been achieved. Nothing can stop a soul in love when the Beloved is heard calling once again.


Choose Only Love – Echoes of Holiness
By: Sebastian Blaksley
Narrated by: Mandi Solk, Sebastian Blaksley
Length: 7 hrs and 20 mins


Choose Only Love series

How it originated

A presence that was all love and whose magnificence, beauty, and benevolence cannot be described, came to me suddenly on October 3, 2018. With perfect clarity I understood that it was the glorious Archangel Raphael who introduced himself saying, “I am the medicine of God.” Because I am Catholic, he told me to pray a novena, nine days of traditional Catholic prayers. Through inner inspiration he also dictated certain intentions for me to pray.

The day after finishing this novena of prayer, I had my first glorious visit from a choir of countless angels of God accompanied by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Their love and beauty were indescribable and through them came the ineffable Voice of Christ. The voice also showed itself in symbols visible to the spirit. I expressed their meaning in written words, as well as recordings of my voice.

Each subsequent visitation was similar. First I would receive the images and hear the music of the angelic choir, then the chorus departed with Archangels Raphael and Gabriel remaining as custodians, or loving presences, until the message or session was transcribed.


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A Message for our times from the Angels

Beloved of God, let your soul be in the rapture of love. Surrender to God. Release all ties. Leave behind all defenses. Abandon yourself completely to the merciful love of the Father. Those ties that once oppressed you no longer exist.

Now is the time of freedom, the time of the Second Coming, a time of joy for you who receive these words and for all who wholeheartedly desire peace.

Daughters and sons of light, do not deny anyone the invitation to the banquet of life. Let everyone sit at the table of love.

You are living in the time of freedom. You are free. Sing along with the creation of a new song, the song of freedom.

Nothing will be able to oppress you any more unless you so choose. And you will not choose it for long, for you desire freedom as a child of God.

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