Choose Only Love

Love is calling you now

Choose Only Love

Know yourself as the love you are

Choose Only Love

A call to express the beauty of your heart

Mandi Solk; more than a book...It's alive

“The first time I read Choose Only Love by Sebastián  Blaksley, I lapped it up like a hungry babe,  then the subsequent times I read it, I fell into a deeper understanding and resonance with it. This is because it is pure truth – pure love – and so it is not ‘dry’ like many other books on Nonduality. Love is always spontaneous, fresh and alive in every moment and so every time we read this blessed transmission, we will always connect with it on a brand new and ever deeper and more profound level,  and read things that we feel we’ve not seen before. That is certainly my experience of Choose Only Love (COL)”

“This book is an actual TRANSMISSION and the energy is totally palpable, whereas most other books are ‘pointers’ – which of course we have completely and utterly needed, so that we can be as open to ‘Choose Only Love – which is definitely more than a book because it reaches well beyond the words on the page. It’s is alive – literally a ‘live’ living thing.” 

Kiran N; so transforming!

“‘Wonderful zoom and Sebastian amazing. So humble 😊I am reading book at moment and it is so transforming!'”

Gill P; full of love

“I really enjoyed the Zoom meeting and found Sebastian very interesting, well more than that, he is full of love and he makes you want to hear more. I shall look forward to the next Zoom meeting on Thursday when I hope to join you…”

Iza; like a Dose of Divinity...!

“Wow, I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘experienced’ a book like this before. Its like a Dose of Divinity…!💕✨

I started it in a candle lit bath last night.. and I didn’t actually read for long.. I didn’t need too.. because it began to infuse me and then I just lay in that energy…

It’s more like breathing it than reading it…it feels like the words are merely vehicles of light…bypassing the mind and going straight to the heart…Carrying you blissfully into the loving arms of Oneness…

 It’s almost like the words could be in any ‘non sensical’ order and you would still feel the same experience shining through the pages. 

I hope I’m making sense!?😂 just had to share!

I am guided not to rush it but to ‘dose’ myself delicately and intuitively each night before I sleep…”

Thanku Mandi… Thanku Sebastian… THANKYOU Jesus, Mary and Angels! ✨”

Stephen B; feeling the innocent love for Christ

“Just wanted to say thanks for organising the meeting last night. Woke in the early hours, as I usually do, but rather than my mind going into past mistakes as it tends to, I began feeling the innocent love for Christ that I used to feel as a child. It was welcome.”

Ania; I understood

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for organising yesterday’s session with Sebastian.  It was wonderful!  I just sat and listened to what he said in complete awe. He is a very intelligent, genuine person and speaks really beautifully.  The love just radiates out of him. I also found that I understood everything that he said, and things that I hadn’t understood before fell into place, so for me personally this medium is probably better than reading his book.  It is such a lovely idea of yours to have these sessions on a weekly basis.Am looking forward to seeing you at next week’s session.”

From Anna; vivid experience of the truth

” The call was amazing, having someone there with such vivid experience of the truth is amazing. Thank you so much for arranging everything.”

Gill D; my heart is soaring

“It was a beautiful evening. Thank you Sebastian from my heart. I think I would like to purchase Sebastian’s book .Thank you again, my heart is soaring xxxx”

Matt P; called to be with this text in relationship

“I was actually thinking of wanting to have a reading group on Zoom. I want to experience reading this with the amplified energy of a group. I just feel very called to be with this text in relationship. To shine the light as Sebastian said

Karen Rudloff ; comforting...glorious... and deeply humbling all at once
 This is my response to listening to Sebastian’s dialogue and just listening to him talk:

I feel deeply moved and uplifted, with a great longing from the heart to remember the love that I AM. To know this with every fibre of my being. Receiving love with all my heart and then shining this into the world.

Even as I write I am aware of this frequency embodying my being. It is comforting and glorious  and deeply humbling all at once. So hard to find the words! Please tell Sebastian that I am so happy and grateful for this powerful reminder.”